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December 31, 2019

What to Do If Your Dog Won’t Poop in the Snow

Like humans, some dogs struggle with the cold air and snow that winter brings. Small dogs may have extra difficulty with bathroom breaks in the winter. Smaller bodies retain heat less efficiently, and the height of the snow can make the actual act of the using the bathroom complicated or impossible. If your dog, small […]

Pet Care
October 29, 2019

How to Get a Stool Sample from Your Dog

At your dog’s annual check up, you will likely be asked to bring a stool sample for testing. These samples are primarily used to test for intestinal parasites, but are helpful in a variety of cases. Never taken a stool sample before? Follow these simple steps for the correct and hygienic delivery of the sample […]

Pet Care
July 29, 2019

How To Stop Your Dog From Pooping in the Grass

Is your yard a minefield for family and visitors? Are your dog’s frequent visits to neighboring yards making you unpopular with the community? A lawn littered with dog poop is not only a danger for our shoes, but can result in contaminated grass, water, and indoor spaces. If dog poop in the grass is a […]

Pet Care
March 6, 2019

What To Do When Your Dog Has an Accident

Any dog owner knows that all dogs are prone to the occasional accident. Whether potty training, sick, or in an unfamiliar situation, you can expect small problems with even the best behaved animals. Fear not! This widespread problem and there are many solutions to make cleaning, and life with your pet, a little easier. Here […]

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