What to do When Your Dog Eats Something it Shouldn’t Have

April 11, 2019

What to do When Your Dog Eats Something it Shouldn’t Have

Dogs are notoriously free-spirited eaters. The temptation of human food, furniture, and random objects off the ground will more than likely cause a problem at one point or another.

a german shepard puppy eating a shoe

Knowing the odds of your dog eating something they shouldn’t, here’s some advice for how to proceed following ingestion.

Contact your vet

Unless the object is obviously not harmful, or can be plucked seamlessly from the dog’s mouth, a vet should be notified. From batteries to loose socks, vets will know how to safely proceed, giving quick at-home instructions or recommending a professional visit.

Identify and remove stuck objects

Knowing what your dog ate will inform next steps. If an item is visibly lodged in your dog’s mouth, and your personal safety is secure, attempt to gently remove it for the animal. In more complicated cases, like when something has been partially or fully swallowed, removal of a stuck object should be performed by a professional.

Do not induce vomiting until you are sure

While induced vomiting may seem like a rational strategy to clear your dog’s stomach, it is often the wrong, and dangerous, thing to do. Certain poisons and sharp objects are just two of the things that call for a different strategy. So, identification of the swallowed substance, and then contact with your vet should come before any brash action.

Ultimately, prevention should be the main pathway to stopping your dog’s ingestion of harmful objects. Whether through training or safety muzzles, finding ways to stop your animal from consuming strange items will save you stress and visits to the vet!

If something serious does occur, call your vet immediately to set up a visit.

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