What to Do If Your Dog Won’t Poop in the Snow

December 31, 2019

What to Do If Your Dog Won’t Poop in the Snow

Like humans, some dogs struggle with the cold air and snow that winter brings. Small dogs may have extra difficulty with bathroom breaks in the winter. Smaller bodies retain heat less efficiently, and the height of the snow can make the actual act of the using the bathroom complicated or impossible.

woman holding a small dog in the snow

If your dog, small or large, has trouble using the bathroom in the wintertime, here are some ideas to make the process a little easier.

Put Clothing on Your Dog

Difficulty using the bathroom outside in the winter may come simply from physical discomfort related to the cold. If your dog hesitates to go outside in the winter, or shivers throughout walks, consider buying them some protective clothing.

Examine your pet for areas where their hair is thinnest, and attempt to cover these areas with doggie sweaters or jackets. Think about tummies and paws in addition to areas commonly covered by dog clothing!

Give Chances to Adapt

Like us, our dogs need to get used to the cold temperatures.

To acclimate your dog with cold weather, bring them out as much as comfortable while the weather turns. Aim for long walks in the cold, rather than rushed potty breaks. As your dog spends more time outside, they should adjust physically and mentally to the changing weather, making winter walks smoother!

Create a Snow Free Zone

For some small dogs, it is simply confusing and impossible to poop in the high snow. If this is the case for your pet, consider shoveling out a specific area for them to use the bathroom in. Completely clear of snow, this space should be a comfortable space for your dog to do their business!

If it’s Too Cold, it’s Too Cold

If the weather is too cold for you to safely go outside, the same goes for your pet. Consider buying indoor potty pads for situations in which it’s unsafe to go outside, and never punish your dog for communicating a serious safety concern to you through their actions!

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