How to Get a Stool Sample from Your Dog

October 29, 2019

How to Get a Stool Sample from Your Dog

At your dog’s annual check up, you will likely be asked to bring a stool sample for testing. These samples are primarily used to test for intestinal parasites, but are helpful in a variety of cases.

woman collecting stool sample

Never taken a stool sample before?

Follow these simple steps for the correct and hygienic delivery of the sample to your vet:

  1. Find a container

    Whether a ziplock bag or a disposable Tupperware, make sure your chosen sample container is leak-proof. If finding a leakproof container is difficult, ask your vet to provide you with something to hold to sample.

  2. Wait until your dog goes to the bathroom

    Your vet wants the freshest sample possible, so accompany your dog to the bathroom close to the appointment. When it’s time to collect, make sure to grab the fresh poop your dog just discarded, and not some other feces left in the yard.

  3. Place poop in the container

    With a disposable tool or an inside out bag, collect poop like you would on any walk, this time placing it in your container for delivery to the vet.

  4. Store in the cold

    If there is substantial time between the bathroom visit and the appointment, keep your sample in the fridge (being very careful not to contaminate any food).

  5. Bring it to the vet

    Label the container, and deliver the sample to your vet! They’ll advise you from here on the office’s specific drop off instructions.

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