Health and Safety

April 14, 2018

Dog Poop and Diseases

Does Dog Poop Contain Harmful Diseases? Dog poop is a part of our everyday life. Whether taking care of your own pet, petsitting, or simply feeling something squish underneath your sneaker, it is important to adopt best practices around the inevitable cleaning and handling of animal waste to avoid harmful contact with your immune system.

Health and Safety
March 15, 2018

How to Remove Dog Poop from Your Shoe

You feel the squish. You see a streak on the walkway. You smell the first notes of disaster. 
 You’ve just stepped in dog poop. We’ve all done it, and unfortunately, there’s no miracle-fix for the dilemma. However, if you act fast and follow these easy steps, you might just save your favorite shoe from […]

Health and Safety
February 6, 2018

Dog Waste and Water Pollution

Not only is dog waste unpleasant for your eyes and nose, it’s also unpleasant on a microscopic level. Dog waste presents such a to our environment that the EPA classifies it as a pollutant on the same level as toxic chemicals and herbicides. Pet Waste Left to Decompose Poses Health Risks for Your Community Dog […]

Health and Safety