Why You Need To Clean Dog Poop Up Before The First Snow

November 30, 2019

Why You Need To Clean Dog Poop Up Before The First Snow

Have a habit of leaving poop in your yard to pick up later? Is Winter fast approaching? While the cold beckons you inside your cozy homes, it may be worth giving your yard a deep clean before the first snow falls. Here are some reasons to take a closer look before the snowy winter arrives!

dog standing in a neglected yard full of dog poop

Here are some reasons why a pre-snow clean may be in order:

The poop will be there come springtime

It may sound obvious, but no scientific or magical process is going to vanish your dog’s poop under the white snow. In fact, it will preserve the bacteria in ice, and leave you in the same predicament come spring!

Spring brings further problems

Springtime means sun, warmer temperatures, and a lot of rain. If you mix a yard full of neglected dog poop with a rainy spring season, you get some very difficult dog poop to clean. Beyond causing problems for clean up, heavy rain carries dog poop into water sources, polluting water that humans rely on. A full sweep of the yard in the fall, paired with diligent cleaning throughout the winter, will yield a problem and pollution free springtime!

Snow melt can ruin your yard

In addition to the problems caused by spring rain, melting snow creates a bacteria petri dish in your yard when paired with dog poop. In addition to polluting fresh water and potentially being hazardous to human health, this bacteria cocktail disturbs plant growth in the spring and summer!

Beyond these reasons, cleaning up after your dog is the right thing to do for you, your dog, and your neighbors! Do your best to keep your yard clean and expect no nasty surprises come spring!

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