What to Look For When Choosing Dog Poop Bags

September 5, 2019

What to Look For When Choosing Dog Poop Bags

Cleaning up dog poop is a necessary part of responsible dog ownership. Dog waste makes a mess of lawns, but also causes bacterial harm to grass, groundwater, and other animals. But while picking up poop is a must, what bag to use isn’t always an obvious decision.

a person holding a dog waste bag

Here are some factors to consider when selecting the perfect dog poop bag.


For everyday use items like dog waste bags, cost plays an unquestionable role in purchasing. Luckily, online vendors like Amazon have made waste bags extremely affordable and rare to replace. For $10.99, dog owners can nab 600 black waste bags from Amazon, with a leash-clip holder included.


As previously mentioned, some waste bags will come with accessories, like holders that clip to your leash for easy access. From simple pill-shaped bag dispensers to multi-compartment bags with space for treats and water bowls, there’s a lot to consider about what walking needs you and your animal have.

The Environment

While disposing of your dog waste responsible is a step toward environmental protection, the plastic from poop bags is itself a problem!

Many companies manufacture bio-degradable and compostable waste bags, meaning, bags that non-toxically decompose in nature. This seems like a great alternative to plastic bags sitting in landfills and drifting the oceans.

However, not all eco-friendly poop bags simply break-down without help. Read the fine print on your selected brand to determine if composting or high temperatures are necessary for adequately decomposing your litter!

Convenience and comfort

Between shape, color, handles, feel of the plastic, and other factors, each dog waste bag is different. Try some out, see how they tie and whether you like a translucent bag or not. Then, make a decision based on your life, dog, and preferences to get the perfect bag for you!

Health and Safety