Tips for Keeping Your Yard Poop Free in the Winter

December 11, 2018

Tips for Keeping Your Yard Poop Free in the Winter

When the snow washes away after a long winter, the last surprises you want are the ones left hidden by your pet dog. Dog owners know that poop has a funny way of sneaking under the snow for a springtime reveal. However, while avoiding an unwanted spring cleanup challenges wintertime dog-owners, employing certain measures eases the pain.

puppy pooping in the snow

Here are five ways to keep your yard poop-free through the winter:

Take frequent walks.

The logic here is simple. Don’t want your dog pooping in your snowy yard? Bring them somewhere else! It’s not always easy to take long walks in the dead of winter, but bringing your dog on walks as or more regularly than in warmer months will ensure a cleaner yard come spring. Remember: don’t be a bad neighbor! Still clean up after your pet on walks around the neighborhood.

Shovel your snow, quickly!

Dog poop only becomes a big annoyance when it is covered in snow and ice. So, keeping your porch, steps, and yard as clear of snow as possible will counteract the issue of poop settling in the yard.

Hire a service

There are many services in cold weather climates to clean your yard of dog poop. Many offer a weekly pick-up service, and some supply a free spring-cleanup for recurring wintertime customers!

Give your animal limits

If poop in the yard is a serious and insurmountable problem, consider cutting off access to certain, hard-to-clean places with fencing. If your dog can only visit a small section of yard, cleaning it in the winter will be much easier.

Buy nice winter gear, and pick up the poop despite the cold weather

A nice pair of gloves and a coat with pockets to store plastic bags will go a long way in the winter months. Remember, the cold weather doesn’t reduce the need for cleaning dog poop. In fact, it’s even more important to grab the poop before it becomes a serious mess in the thaw. So button up, double bag, and get to picking up after your pet!

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