How to Remove Pet Odors from Clothes

June 11, 2019

How to Remove Pet Odors from Clothes

Have an accident prone puppy? Does your dog enjoy rolling in your bed sheets? Is the laundry bin your cat’s preferred litter box? Fear not! Removing animal odors from clothing is an age old problem with multiple easy solutions. Here’s a step-by-step to get your clothes back to smelling fresh!

man with dirty clothes

Flush out the stain before washing

Before using the laundry, rinse the stained area by hand in a sink. Run cold water at high pressure through the stain, alternating with side of the fabric is facing the water stream. A minute or two of this cold water flushing should improve your chances for a full recovery!

Cover fabric in vinegar solution

Mix a solution of 1 part white vinegar and 3 parts water. Cover the smelly garment in this solution and let it stand for a 3-4 minutes.

Apply baking soda

Though not necessary, covering the fabric in baking soda for a few minutes after it has soaked in the vinegar solution will be an extra push toward odor elimination.

Wash the garments

Using a cold or lukewarm setting (heat can set odors permanently), wash the stained fabric without detergent. After the cycle, air dry them so the heat from the dryer doesn’t set the smell.

Wash normally

Once the fabric has air-dried, perform a normal laundry cycle with an enzyme-based detergent on a cold setting. Air dry again. Repeat this step if there are lingering smells!

Follow these simple steps with household items, and ensure your fabrics return to smelling fresh!

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