How to Clean Up Runny Dog Poop

September 30, 2019

How to Clean Up Runny Dog Poop

All dog owners have been there. Out on a walk, your pooch perches to do their business, and out comes something that seems impossible to clean.

a dog pooping in a fieldDiarrhea on a walk can be embarrassing, unsanitary, and bad for the environment. For these reasons, it’s important to be prepared with the tools and knowledge to properly clean it. Consider adding these items to your toolbelt when leaving the house with your pet!

Use Gloves to Keep Your Hands Poop Free

While the flip-the-bag-inside-out trick works wonders with solid dog waste, it’s much less effective for diarrhea. Consider adding a pair of rubber gloves to your dog walking pack in the event that more drastic measures are required.

Paper Towels Can Absorb Runny Dog Poop

A couple sheets of absorbent paper towel will work wonders in cleaning up 90% of a runny waste mess. Set a couple sheets of paper towel on top of the waste. Once most waste has been absorbed, place the towels in the usual plastic bag. It won’t get everything, but cleaning most of the poop is better than leaving all of it on the sidewalk or lawn!

Spray Bottles Can Assist in Removing Dog Waste Stains

While this specialty tool may be reserved for those expecting runny poop from their dog, it can work wonders in cleaning diarrhea from concrete when coupled with paper towels. Simply perform the paper towel technique described above, spray the partially cleaned area with water, and repeat the paper towel technique. This attention will ensure that most of the mess is cleaned up!

A tip for cleaning runny poop off grass:

When attempting to clean a grassy spot of diarrhea, you are best to scoop up the small area of dirt and grass, and dispose of it with the waste. A small dirt patch will be left in the lawn or park, but that is likely more desirable for neighbors and park guests than a patch of dog waste!

At the end of the day, it’s difficult to know when your dog will have problems going to the bathroom. Do your best to come prepared with tools to help with cleanup, and bring your dog to the vet if a problem persists. Of course if you don’t want to clean it up yourself, you can always hire a professional dog poop clean up service.

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