Dog Poop Cleanup Supplies Worth Buying

February 20, 2019

Dog Poop Cleanup Supplies Worth Buying

Dog ownership is a blessing for most, but there’s one problem that dog owners cannot avoid: what to do about all of that poop!

a pooper scooper and a dog sitting on the grass

Luckily, a problem this widespread has prompted tools and easy solutions for easily picking up poop. Here are some essentials that you should have in your arsenal when the time to clean inevitably comes:


From extra grocery bags to specialized poop bags, plastic bags are the number one thing every dog poop cleaner should have. Placing one’s hand in the empty bag, grabbing the poop, and then flipping the bag inside out may be all one needs to do to properly and sanitarily clean up. Some companies have even developed handy dispensers that clip to the dog’s leash for the efficient cleaner!


If your dog tends to cause messier situations, or if they are sick, rubber gloves can be a good additive tool to plastic bags.

Shovels and Pooper Scoopers

If you don’t want to get close, or back problems prevent leaning to the ground, there are many small shovels and dedicated Pooper Scoopers on the market. Many specialty scoopers, like the Doody Digger, scoop the poop and immediately insert it into a disposable plastic bag. If bagging isn’t a problem for you, any hardware store will offer a small shovel to make scooping the poop less of a strain.

Garden Hose

For particularly messy situations, or poops that land on your pristine deck, having access to a good hose can make clean up a cinch.

Novelty Options

There are many strange and ingenious inventions for easily cleaning dog poop. Depending on your specific animal, these may come in handy. Environmentally safe freeze spray will harden debris for ease of cleaning. Fake turf potty boxes can make poop easy to find, and allow apartment dogs to use the bathroom on balconies and porches. Dog poop specific sewer drains allow some owners to dispose of their dog poop right into the sewer. If your situation needs special help, do a quick google search to find the right tool for you.

Dog poop is the plague of dog owners around the world, but luckily, we don’t have to face it blindly. Use these tools to help, and get cleaning!

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