Answering Service

Regular Weekly Service
# of Dogs $ Per Week $ Per Month W/Initial
1 $13.50 $58.05 $103.05
2 $15.50 $66.65 $111.65
3 $17.50 $77.25 $105.95
4 $19.50 $83.85 $122.25
5 $21.50 $92.45 $137.45
Regular Bi-Weekly Service (every other week)
# of Dogs $ Per pickup $ Per Month With Initial
1 $21.50 $46.58 $91.58
2 $23.50 $50.92 $82.67
3 $25.50 $55.25 $95.92
4 $27.50 $59.58 $104.58
5 $29.50 $63.92 $108.92

How do we calculate monthly charges?

We take the weekly charge and multiply it by 4.3 (there are 4.3 weeks, on average, per month).

For bi-weekly service, they are paying for each week their dog poops, but it gets picked up less often, resulting in the price difference.

One Time Spring Clean-Up $85

Spring clean-up fee covers one hour. If we go over an hour we prorate the additional charge on a per-minute basis at $65 per hour.

Phone Script/Guide

Okay, we are all set. If the scoop day changes from what I told you earlier, our foreman will call or email you any schedule changes. Our scooper will leave a sticker on your door to let you know they have cleaned your yard. If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to call us! Welcome to Pooper Scoopers!

Common Questions

Can I choose the day of the pickup?

No. Our scoopers have routes similar to your garbage service. They are only in your area on certain days. I can make a note of your scheduling request, and our foreman can see if any changes can be made (make a note in comments).

When will you bill me?

You will be charged for the first month after the first scoop, then every month after that.

What will be the amount of the first bill?

The first month’s charge, plus the initial pickup fee if applicable.

Are there any contracts?

No, you can call and cancel at anytime.

Do you scoop year round?

Yes, we scoop year round. When the cold weather comes, our foreman will send out our winter scoop procedures.

Do I have to give a credit card or debit card?

We usually take credit/debit cards to automate payments, and to keep our rates low. I can put in a note for the foreman to see if we can take alternative payments.